Combat maxum bbcor

The Combat Maxum baseball bat is a wonderful bat to use in your game. This baseball bat is perfect for athletes that are after the biggest barrel size for the weight of the swing.

Many people may ask what defines this bat as the best available on the market today? For the Combat Maxum, the defining feature would be the unrivaled physical barrel size. Even though this defining feature places the Combat Maxum at the top of its game, I would not go as far as to say the barrel size alone would beat out other top performance baseball bats.

I believe the maximum performance would be about equal to the top, high performance baseball bats now available on the market check out top BBCOR Bats here. Rumor has it that the Combat Maxum's will be made by Easton and only sold on Justbats. We are not sure if that is true, but in the mean time, the best prices on Combat Maxums bats from and is on eBay.

Many used bats can be found for a song and, if the price is right, we would highly recommend it. Combat has a long standing of working on the perfection of the one-piece composite baseball bat while combining it with an extremely light-weight swing, or, MOI. The theory of the design of this bat was meant to amplify the power that directly impacts the ball and then carries on through for the perfect composite baseball bat for practice as well. Combat is ahead of the game when it comes to this theory as well.

Combat has gone above and beyond what any other company has done in trying to match this theory. The Combat Maxum is just the latest quest for Combat. This one-piece, composite baseball bat was created with the biggest barrel available on the market from any company. A few years ago, three or four years agothere was a question regarding the durability of the Maxum. The Maxum has upped the technology factor and has created a new equation to assist in the bat being much more durable and reliable.

The company is standing behind its product by offering a exclusive industry, one-time replacement, five hundred day warranty.

combat maxum bbcor

The Combat Maxum comes in all the sizes that the model had with one extra size added in. The baseball bats will be color coded for noticing easier which bat is which size.

Reviewing the Combat Maxum BBCOR Baseball Bat

Below are the sizes that are now available for the model.COMBAT understands the need to push technology to the limits while delivering products that will perform at the highest level. If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, COMBAT is sure to convey value and impress with their dedication to providing composite baseball bats at a fraction of the cost. It all starts with their precision molding technology PMT combined with a seamless construction design.

These two features ensure no seams, no dead spots, and a perfectly tuned bat that results in ultra-consistent, hot out of the wrapper performance right out of the box. As they like to say, no seams mean no deads spots and in on the hands doesn't have to mean out at first base. The best part? If you're not satisfied with the performance of you bat within 30 days from your original purchase date, you may send it back for a full refund or exchange. Plus, the handle comes pre-wrapped with a red, synthetic bat grip for enhanced comfort and reduced vibration.

Don't forget, we'll be here for you from click to hit! Seriously, it's like Everest. Cons: I do feel a bit of sting but that's pretty typical with a 1 piece bat. Pros: My 13 year old son has found the balance of the bat is perfect and the pop right out of the package is great. Continue to keep the Combat line around as long as possible. Cons: Haven't used long enough to have a con.

Pros: Bat has really good pop. Son used the Combat Maxum as a 14Uthis past year and loved it. He had lots of homers with this bat. It has lots of pop and a large sweet spot. Cons: Sound of bat. Pros: Great pop right out of the box. Grandson 14 years old hit a few balls ft. I would say it has a lot of pop, and should get better in time. Not a bad price for what you are getting. Cons: Non at this time. Cons: None so far. Pros: HUGE sweet spot. Super balanced.Bat Digest is reader-supported.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. November 15, by Brian Duryea BatDigest. It replicates the old Combat Maxum well with a huge barrel. Huge barrels and light swings go a long way in the youth space and the Maxum is a great pace changer from the overdone two piece composites in the market. Our Score: 9. It is, in some respects, the model that Dirty South Bats built their successful yet young company from.

That is our sentiment, not necessarily theirs. It is a single piece bat so you can expect some ring in the hands on mis… Jump to the full review. It is a single piece bat so you can expect some ring in the hands on mishits. It is ridiculous. It's worst score is in its demand, which we don't weight too heavilynot many BBCOR players are looking for single piece composites with that price point.

But what it lacks in demands it destroys in the categories we weight the most: hitter feedback and performance. In both its either first or tied for first. Tech specs also rank out as well as its new design from Easton gives it the biggest barrel on the market. Recommendations for the Easton Maxum stand close to where the Maxum was recommended in and previously.

That is, it is made specificlly for hitters that want a balanced swing and the largest barrel space per swing weight on the market. Although too early to tell on durability, the Maxums of old had surprisingly good durability for as huge and thin as they are made for performance. We will keep tracking.You are not alone. More thanhigh school players and more than 25, college players, National Federation of State High School Associations baseball players and players in other different leagues need certified BBCOR bats.

In order to make your decision easier, we have narrowed down to a list of the 10 best BBCOR bats on the market today to keep the options from being too many.

combat maxum bbcor

Here are our reviews:. The Quatro is a balanced, Four-Piece, Composite Baseball Bat with a huge barrel, and its performance outstanding and the feel on mishits, beautiful.

One notable difference between the and Quatro is the change in swing weight. Weight saved results in lower MOI which makes it possible to swing the bat with greater speed and greater control. The Rawlings Quatro is technically a four-piece bat and the name says as much Quatro. The Handle, The barrel both compositea collar between the handle and the barrel to dampen vibration on mishits, and finally the end cap.

It has a decent sized barrel and no vibration even on mishits.

2018 Combat Maxum Review

The only disadvantage is the composite barrel which requires breaking in, unlike aluminum bats that are hot out of the wrapper. We love aluminum barrels because they are hot out of the wrapperand are almost always more durable than composite barrel bats.

Additionally, it features what they refer to as a 3Fusion handle to reduce vibration by channeling all of it back into the barrel.

The composite barrel eliminates sting, and its 3Fusion end cap has been redesigned to reduce weight and offer more control. The Voodoo is also affordable compared to other two-piece composite bats.

The aluminum barrelthe light, balanced swingcoupled with the fact this bat is the most popular hybrid bat and has been around for years, makes the Voodoo a solid choice. The Louisville Slugger Solo is a one-piece, balanced, aluminum alloy, drop 3 bat that comes hot out of the wrapper. As is expected from one-piece bats, the gives stiff, traditional feel and transfers more power to the ball.

The all-new End Cap offers more speed, control, and a balanced swing. This is incredibly useful for anyone buying this bat online. For starters, the Solo features a new, lighter composite end cap. Second, this bat is lighter. The change to the end cap is largely what makes the SOLO lighter. Handle comes pre-wrapped in 1. The barrel on the Ghost X is such that the sweet spot is optimized for a massive hitting surface. The Ghost X and Mako Beast are generally quite alike in many aspects.

They both sport a huge barrelhave a light swing weight and are both two-piece composite bats. The Ghost X has a barrel just as big. Connective Piece: Easton claims to have redesigned the connective piece for more durability. Single piece bats are a hit with players who like feedback from their bat. Players who love single piece bats also love that they can transfer more power to the ball.

No seams. No dead spots. Fantastic performance right out of the box. The proof is in the ping!Send it back for a refund or exchange!

New for ! These models are one-piece, fully composite designs crafted with a seamless construction. A carbon-fiber sleeve runs the length of the bat providing uniform strength for a fine-tuned performance. The PMT process injects liquid resin into seamless high-quality carbon sleeves under extreme pressure. The result is an ultra-consistent product that eliminates seams and weak points that you get with the traditional process. No seams means no dead spots and in on the hands doesn't have to mean out at first base.

Players can rest-assured that the MAXUM will deliver perfectly tuned performance over a longer lifespan. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the MAXUM within 30 days from your purchase, send it back for a full refund or exchange.

Get yours today with free shipping! Pros: I just got this bat and have used it a few times. It has tons of pop and the barrel is massive. So far it feels great and i haven't felt any vibration at all in any of the swings i have taken. The grip feels great and when swinging it felt like a 32" but it was really a 33". Pros: Thos bat os great it is very even and has a big sweet spot. The pop of this bat is crazy.

Pros: Excellent pop and huge barrel. Cons: A little top heavy, I'd recomend for stronger players. Pros: Evenly weighted drop 3 bat Seems to be durably made Lizard skin grip is great Has good pop right out of the wrapper Has the much longer fat part of the barrel. Cons: None so far. Maybe a little plain looking but the more hits you get the better it will look.

Pros: Pros: The bat has great pop and gripping. I hardly get any vibration and when I swing the bat's weight reduces which in return giving have a better swing and farther hit balls.

All around a great bat. I've had this bat for about 2 months now and I practiced with is every other day into my hitting net. I can't say it's the best bat ever becuase no bat can be absolutely perfect. Pros: Major Pop!!!! Pros: Bat has great pop! Right out of the wrapper.Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. August 7, by Brian Duryea BatDigest.

Although not changed at all from the version, the Resurrection of this bat via Easton, after the collapse of Combat, is a marked sign as to the general consumer love of this big b… Jump to the full review. Although not changed at all from the version, the Resurrection of this bat via Easton, after the collapse of Combat, is a marked sign as to the general consumer love of this big barreled bat.

combat maxum bbcor

As a general rule, hitters who like single piece bats prefer honest feedback from their bat. In other words, they do not like the smooth smash of two piece bats on mishits. Also, single piece bat lovers also subscribe to the idea that they can transfer more power to the ball. It follows that elite hitters tend to use single piece bats. In fact, at the collegiate level, stronger hitters tend to use single piece aluminum bats. Combat throws a bit of a twist on this single piece notion by making a bat that is entirely composite.

This allows for a massive barrel. And by massive we mean industry leading massiveness. With that in mind, the ideal candidate for a Combat Maxum is a player who likes honest feedback from their bat and also wants that bat to be made from Composite and its accompanying work in then the traditional aluminum. After the bankruptcy of Combat's parent company, most thought we would never see a Combat bat again. However, Easton, who is owned by that same parent company but survived the proceedings, picked up the Combat Maxum and reproduced it for this year.

How that will proceed in the future is, we would guess, entirely dependent upon how well the sales of the Combat MAXUM go. We have spent over a hundred hours of cage and game time experience among several different players to formulate our Combat MAXUM Review.

BBCOR vs USSSA Baseball Bats - Which is Better? Comparing the 2020 Easton Maxum 360 Models

Combat, a Canadian based company, is known in the baseball space for a high-performance one-piece composite baseball bat with a lot of barrel. There are very few single piece full composite bats in the baseball space. The other most popular single piece composite is a Louisville Slugger Catalyst. The Catalyst, although made of full single piece of composite, does not have nearly the same barrel size as the MAXUM. Off the beaten path, a company called Dirty South Bats makes a comparable Combat type bat.

In some circles they are very popular. Their Senior League bats are big barrel single piece composites with generally positive feedback from users. Compare the Power Carbon Review New for Mizuno has released a huge barrel on a single piece composite bat.You need to have mental focusthe physical endurance to withstand the pressures of the game, and the right equipment to get the job done.

Of course, even if you go down swinging, this bat will at least make sure you look good doing it. With baseball equipment becoming more advanced and more expensive, ensuring you spend every dollar effectively is important. The Combat Maxum Baseball Bat is definitely not the most affordable bat on the market but Combat has built an amazing piece of equipment that aims to set itself apart from the competition.

Does the Combat Maxum live up to the hype? All baseball bats are based on the same design. League rules dictate the size of the bat and what materials can be used to build the bat. To the untrained eye, a baseball bat is simply a baseball bat. So how does the Combat AB7MX set itself apart from the rest of the options available on the market? When you first lay eyes on this bat you will notice the bold design.

The white finish and bright colors will definitely stand out when compared to other bats available. The Combat Maxum is designed for hitters who want to make solid contact and get on base. With the right swing, it should be easier to make contact with this bat in your hands.

Hitters should be able to generate more swing speed and, theoretically, hit the ball harder and further. Combat was careful to push the limits of the rules while still ensuring players can use this bat in their competitive high school and collegiate leagues.

To help players connect the bat with the ball more accurately, Combat has also used a slip-resistant Lizard Skins grip. This is essential on any bat but especially for lightweight bats like the Combat Maxum that allows players to swing faster and harder. Keeping a solid grip on the bat is essential for hitting the ball into the hole and getting extra bases. One of the most interesting facts about the Combat Maxum Baseball Bat is that it has been constructed as one piece and made from composite materials.

Unlike other composite bats that use materials rolled together, Combat has used precision molding to ensure there are no seams or weak spots.

The result, according to Combat, is a bat that has no dead spots. No matter where you make contact on the bat, it will produce great hits. A larger hitting surface, no dead spots, the lightest possible swing weight — it all sounds too good to be true.

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