M416 trailer

I always use old but good rubber seals from the scrap yard. Easy to get it out, several different types available, not expensive.

m416 trailer

Image result for harbor freight trailer. This would be great for four wheeling and camping! Willys Jeep Trailer. I'm thinking about putting a lid kit together. Eventually, I'll need to find a local M to measure off of. I've got the design fairly figured out, but Building our M Military Trailer. Nutzo Tech 2 series Expedition truck bed rack. The Tech 2 features clipped corners for a more aesthetic appearance. These aluminum bed racks can support the largest of RTT.

We can customize your truck rack to any configuration to accommodate your needs. We custom build these racks to fit everything from light duty to heavy duty trucks. Curiously enough, about the same time that wild turkeys began showing up in our area, another similar breed also made its presence felt. Just as the turkeys don't seem to care if they scare our horses and panic them into charging through their fences, this other breed has little care for boundaries or the environment.

The turkeys came on their own, completely uninvited. The other group Canadians collectively voted for - or at least a small percentage of those who bothered to vote did.M Army Jeep Trailer.

M military trailer. This is a nice bidding offer. You can bid for this m military trailer. It has looks and fe From CDN M i have some rare military jeep trailers for sale. Anstoy electric with gel ball blaster aeg for. Safety belts for 2 small children but will also accommodate 1 larger child. We are selling our camping trailer. M trailer for sale - Pre-owned gently used condition. Asking This is a clean M military trailer with a i took a bunch of pics of the trailer and it started pouring.

Everything is in good condition please see pictures. Any question Please ask! Happy camper sweatshirt, camping shirt, glamping. Soft air colt cqbr-ris electric powered airsoft.

Custom trailer for your 4x4 jeep, truck or suv. If any of the items have damage or marks i will give full details of this on my listing and also show photos where necessary.

Frig off hockey jersey. There is ample storage in back for. The item will be shipped by registered post and shall take around working days to arrive as it will be shipped from malaysia borneo island.

M416 Parts

You are bidding on: this bad boy is built tough and ready for anything. I combine postagethanks for looking please check out my other items.

Lead time on custom products is approx 4 weeks, but call to discuss. Military to Civilian Trailer for sale please look carefully at a Mobile game controller with cooling fan for. Airstream mountain shirt, camper tshirt, camping. Bike trailer, needs tubes, works well.The M trailer has been a popular choice for wheelers and people needing small utility trailers for a long time. We had Adventure Trailers out of Prescott,Arizona retrofit one of their suspension systems for our M just before we headed out on our Ultimate Road Trip The improvement between the old and new suspension systems was incomparable, the independent airbag suspension set up they provided us with worked like a charm so this year we wanted to do another upgrade to the trailer to improve the way it towed.

On our road trip the Pintle hitch had a tendency to bind up and eventually caused the hitch to pull away from the frame of our old Willys forcing us to spend a day finding and getting an appointment with a shop that could get the frame welded and supported at the same time. We would have had a mess on our hands if it had been torn away from the frame while we were driving, we could have potentially lost or damaged much of our gear in the trailer that we needed to complete our adventure.

The solution to that problem came once again from Adventure Trailers, if you are not familiar with these guys; they build the best and highly sought after trailers that are specifically built with over-landing in mind. First we have to remove the old Pintle so we can get the proper placement and measurements to build our mounting plate also available through Adventure Trailers. We had to remove the wiring harness since it went through the top portion of the Pintle and then we removed the large bolt that sits horizontally at the front of the frame.

With the front bolt removed we went to the four bolts just behind the large one that was just removed 2 on each side of the trailer frame and removed those as well. Once those are all removed the hitch needs to be persuaded out of its position with a mallet or hammer. Our trailer still has a plate covering the fuse block where the wiring for the trailer lights meet.

Since our new mounting bracket will set further back, this cover will have to be cut down and modified to fit once the new bracket is in place. We began by removing this cover, put the bracket in place from the top so we could see how and where the new bracket would sit knowing that we would be mounting it underneath and what, if any other modifications would be needed to get the mount exactly how we wanted it.

After positioning the bracket we marked where it needed to be cut to fit in the frame of the trailer, you want to make sure the hitch will be centered. Once we were confident in our measurements we torched the horizontal marks so we could bend the leftover tabs inward to be used as mounting brackets which lined up perfectly with the factory holes in the frame.

In order to bend the tabs in we put the bracket in a vice, heated the tabs with a torch and bent them inward to the predetermined position. Once the position of the receiver tube was where we wanted it we clamped the new bracket into position on the trailer fame so we could drill our holes for the tabs on the side.

With the bracket clamped and bolted in place we slid the receiver tube into the bracket, squared it up and tack welded it into place in the new bracket. While we had it in place that was the perfect time to take our measurement needed in order to modify our trailers fuse block cover for the wiring. With the tube welded into place in the new bracket we just needed to clean up the edges and grind down some of the bracket since we plan to make a nice clean cover to fit on the top of the framework to hide and enclose to new bracket.

With the new bracket built and ready it is bolted in place using the existing holes that the original Pintle was mounted with. We did add one bolt on the underside of the new bracket just to ensure it was mounted as solid as we could make it. We used a piece of cardboard to make the template for the top piece on the tongue and then used it to make our pattern for the sheet metal used to make the cover.

With that cut out, mocked up and ready there appeared to be just enough room to make a bracket that we could use to mount our fuel can and holder. A simple piece of angle iron was selected, cut to size and marked for drilling.

We decided to try and once again use existing components or holes where applicable to make it as clean of a mount and design as possible. The u-bolts that clamp the frame to the trailer line up perfectly so holes were drilled slightly larger than the u-bolts so we could slide the bracket in place and use the existing bolts.

With the pieces designed and correctly fitted they needed to be cleaned up and painted. While the paint was drying we had a few minutes to remove the nuts from the u-bolts we intended to use for the fuel can holder.

m416 trailer

When the paint was dry enough we mounted the new mounting bracket and the top cover onto the trailer. The fuel can holder fits in this space like it was designed to be there, all we needed to do was mark and drill the holes for the bracket and get it bolted in place.

The last thing needed to complete this project is a jack to help with the hooking up and unhooking as well as keeping it level should we need to unhook it for any reason along the way.More Info. Founded in and under current ownership sinceArmy Jeep Parts is dedicated to supplying authentic, quality military Jeep parts to hobbyists. Your search for genuine M parts for sale online starts, and ends, here. Our facility in Levittown, PA, houses everything from tires to brake parts to shock absorbers to lights for your M military Jeep trailer.

In addition to M parts for sale online, we have a full inventory of parts for the M military Jeep, the Vietnam War-era vehicle that towed the M to bring cargo into battle.

The History of the M Jeep Trailer. Jeep cargo trailers were a vital part of U. With the advent of the quarter-ton M38 military Jeep came the M trailer, used throughout the Korean War conflict but rendered obsolete when military Jeeps received a complete overhaul in the Vietnam era. To make it compatible with the new M series of military Jeeps, the M trailer was designed with square fenders, a change from the rounded fenders on earlier models.

These trailers remained in service throughout the s, s and s, even as the M series of military Jeeps evolved to include the MA1 and MA2 models. As a leading provider of M parts for sale online, we join you in celebrating the history of this key military Jeep accessory. Bring your M trailer by our shop to have it fitted for a specific part, or to consult with our experts regarding any restoration challenge.

Restoring a military Jeep and its accessories can be a long, challenging process, but Army Jeep Parts knows the journey is worthwhile. Our selection of genuine, high-quality parts extends beyond M parts for sale online. Our warehouse inventory also includes:.

m416 trailer

We are the first stop for hobbyists after they purchase a vintage military Jeep, and we are ready to take on your next restoration challenge. Tel : Toggle navigation Menu. Bracket, Mounting, Lunette, M Brake Shoe Return Spring Brake Shoe Set 1axle Riveted Cable Intervehicle, Late type Cap, Hub Wheel bearing, M Clamp Parking Brake Cable to body Trailer Grease, Special Heavy Duty, Premalube Left Hand tail lite repair kit Browse Category.Posted By: Savage Camper.

The M jeep trailer was an off-road capable cargo trailer. Small, but stout due to being military grade hardware, the trailer could handle much of the terrain when in tow behind a jeep or other off-road vehicle. The M trailer was designed to be paired with the M jeep during the Vietnam era, and is based on its predecessors, the K from WW2 and the M from the Korean war era. Base Weight: lbs. The Ethos Travois offers a standard utility trailer, or the Travois X-1 which is the same trailer, with camping accessories added.

Pictured: Ethos Travois X-1 Trailer styled after the m trailer. The steel trailer comes as a complete trailer, the Steel Series or as a DIY off-road trailer kitmaking it an affordable option. The trailer includes a CVT roof top tent12V system, propane and a mr. I am looking for a used military cargo trailer for jeep to hall away junk in my back yardan a x military capt.

Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Savage Camper, you accept our use of cookies. Thank you.The light-weight M is a perfect platform to support outdoor family activities. Our goal is to create an affordable kit so that many more families can enjoy trailer supported adventures.

Original Ms have become increasingly hard to find and very expensive. The aftermarket responded with a wide range of overland trailers, but they are also priced out of many families budgets. This website will provide all the information necessary to build an M trailer for your family. We will also provide links to vendors that can supply all the parts shipped to your doorstep - all you need are some basic hand tools and a drill.

We will also support a community of people developing upgrades to their trailers. We believe the trailer should grow with your family, and be an opportunity to bond with your kids during the upgrade process.

The above questions have been posted to the Expedition Portal trailer forum, please post your responses there. Both spring-over and spring-under options for different lift heights How To Hit Our Goals Trailer is provided in kit form - sweat equity will drop the cost Use as many standard trailer parts as possible Cut out the middle-man.

You purchase directly from the parts manufacturers Help arrange group buys. Any parts that need special manufacturing, we can band together and drop the cost down. Engineered design: Let's have an engineer verify the design. This will lower the costs and weight by avoiding over-engineering, and will help families avoid extra costs from trial and error.

Is an 18 gauge tub OK? Our thinking is form follows function - a thinner tub is much lighter, and even though it's more easily dented, it will get you home.

Should the tub have a tailgate? A fixed pintle for the base model? If we use a 2" receiver tube from the trailer it will be easy to swap in a rotating lunette upgrade. Is a plywood floor OK?After studying the common modifications to Ms, and aligning the build with my personal needs, I arrived at the following adjustments to the M design:. I am 6 foot 1 and will build a roof top tent on top of the trailer, with the bed oriented from front to back.

A six foot bed would simply be too short, and many people modify the M by extending the drawbar and placing a box in front of the original bed resulting in over 7 foot beds. A narrower track is good is tight corners as the trailer will be less likely to "clip" other objects. But, a narrower track results in wheels taking a different path than the modern wider towing vehicles and possibly pulling the towing vehicle to the side i.

A 58" track seems like a reasonable comprimise, getting closer to the towing vehicles track, allowing a wider bed, and gaining stability from a wider stance.

M416 Trailer Kit

I'd like to create a false floor at the top of the lower bed wall and use readily available storage boxes with rolling wheels. These storage boxes tend to be 14" to 15" high. Rear tailgate to provide access to storage drawers. I must be able to access storage with the roof top tent closed. A horizontal bar between the two trailer sides above the tailgate will provide the strength needed.

The tailgate will serve two additional purposes: being one of the steps to get up to the roof top tent doorway, and a cooking or prep area when folded down. This is the same as the M and will allow me to use a standard 4x8 foot sheet of plywood cut down to 4x7 as both a hard top for a closed trailer, and when hinged to a bed side, it will fold out to create a 4x7 foot sleeping area.

M416 trailer walk around

False floor 14" above the bed floor. This false floor will serve as a hard floor for the tent area. The floor will have six hatches that can flip open to provide access to storage drawers below. Storage drawers on wheels. These can be rolled out the tailgate to access storage while the roof top tent is closed.

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